Why Families are Choosing a Private Cremation

Coffin bearer

During the course of our work we speak to many families, particularly when delivering a loved one’s ashes back to them following a private or direct cremation.  Every family has their own reasons which include financial and lifestyle choices.

Within lifestyle choices, the personality of someone who has passed away and their beliefs play a big part in choosing a less traditional solution, often they were people who didn’t like fuss, big occasions and were not particularly religious.  Families choose to celebrate in a more personal, meaningful way, viewing the cremation as a necessary process rather than a significant aspect of their memorial plans.  Hearing about family plans to remember a lost friend or relative is one of the aspects of working at Chapter Response that I like most.  These often involve visiting a favourite place, having a gathering at home, planting tributes  or donating to a favourite charity.

On a financial level, being able to book a private cremation saves families some difficult financial options and otherwise may mean they have to finance the debt or spend money needed for other essentials.  With 1 in 8 families planning a funeral faced with funeral poverty, paying for the service is a terrible burden at an already difficult time and affects the future of those left behind.

Private cremation is proving increasingly popular for many reasons and for us the most important part is that families have the choice to remember their loved one in a way that works for them.