Chapter Response supports funeral directors and families by offering top level service at reasonable cost.

We specialise in private cremation with the service only attended by ourselves as well as limited attended options. By restricting our service options and specialising we are able to increase our efficiences and pass on savings to families.

Social and environmental responsibility are high on our list of priorities and we are proud to include electric vehicles within our fleet to support the positive environmental impact of private cremation. Our electric vehicle fleet is set to expand further in 2021.


Private cremations

We arrange private cremations which includes care and preparation of the deceased for funeral, transport to the crematorium and attendance by our team at a private and respectful committal. Each committal is individual to the deceased and in many ways exactly as you would imagine a traditional chapel experience. We manage all documentation and communication with the crematorium on your behalf.


Limited attended services are also available which include the services of a Funeral Conductor to guide and support your family including arrival and management of the order of service.


Operational support

Our team of Responders and Ambulances operate nationwide and offer the following services with high level consistency and professionalism:

  • Collection from private residences, care homes, hospices and mortuary facilities
  • Care within well maintained, high specification facilities
  • Preparation for funeral 
  • Transport to crematorium and committal attendance
  • Collection and return of ashes to families


Currently only available in the Midlands area, our team of experienced Responders can organise collection of the deceased from private residences, care homes, hospices 24 hours/day 7 days/week. We are able to provide care until collection or alternatively make all necessary funeral arrangements on your behalf.