A Few Private Cremation Myths Discussed

Funeral urn

Here are a few examples of questions or comments we have experienced;

  1. They Use Cardboard Coffins – We don’t use cardboard coffins for our funerals but instead use a beautiful wooden coffin with gold trimmings.  It’s a choice on our part not to use cardboard but we can always accommodate family or funeral director choices if this is a preferred option.
  2. It’s Not As Respectful – Every aspect of our service to funeral directors is managed with the highest levels of respect regardless of whether family are in attendance or not.  Our facilities are modern and fresh, our equipment well maintained and built for purpose.  The Chapter Response team are well trained and work together to provide the best service possible.  In terms of the committal itself at the crematorium, each funeral is presented individually on to the catafalque with ourselves and the chapel attendant present.  A thoughtful bow is given to each and every loved one entrusted into our care.
  3. It’s Only For People Who Can’t Afford a Proper Funeral – This is one of the most annoying fallacies mentioned about private cremation and socially pressures families who have many reasons for choosing a less traditional option.  Bereavement and grief are such personal experiences and we’re in the fortunate position of working with families via funeral directors to understand the many reasons that a private cremation works better for an increasing proportion of them.  We’re here to support funeral directors and their families in a positive way during one of the most stressful lifetime events.  

We’re proud of the service we provide and happy to answer questions to help remove the mystery surrounding funerals in general including private cremation.